Xclamations, Literacy Teacher Stamps Selection

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Product Description

    Teacher stamps are a fantastic and convenient way to get messages to pupils and parents regarding their school work. The most recent research indicates that feedback is the most effective way to ensure that students continue to achieve academically. However, feedback is only an effective way of ensuring continual success if the student is able to understand the feedback and where they need to improve. Accordingly Stamps are a fantastic and fun way of engaging students in the process of receiving and understanding feedback.

    The Literacy Teacher Stamps, manufactured and designed by Xclamations, include practical messages, motivational phrases and striking images that that can be used consistently to ensure that students know what they're doing right and where they need to improve. These Literacy Teacher Stamps are pre-inked for up to 25,000 crisp, clear impressions. Accordingly stamping work can save teachers valuable time all the while saving the school money. 

    • Self -Inking: No ink pad required
    • Numerous different impressions available
    • Stamp impression approximately 22mm
    • Pre-inked for up to 25,000 crisp, clear impression
    • Fantastic teaching aid 

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