Xclamations, Best Selling Teacher Stamps Selection

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Product Description

Teacher stamps are both an amazing and labour-saving way to convey messages to both pupils and parents regarding school work and achievement. Recent research indicates that regular concise feedback strongly correlates with sustained academic success. However, feedback can only be an effective method of ensuring continuous academic progress if students are able to easily understand the feedback they’re given. Therefore, Stamps can be an invaluable tool as well as a fun way of engaging students in the process of understanding the feedback they receive

This selection of Xclamations Best Selling Teacher Stamps includes a wide range of general purpose academic stamps, all of which you will find suitable for use in your classroom. All of these motivational teacher stamps can be used consistently, allowing you to ensure that your students know what they’re doing right and the areas they need to improve. All of Xclamations Teacher Stamps are pre-inked and provide up to 25,000 clear impression. These stamps can sell you a lot of time marking school work, and they can do so cost efficiently.

  • Self -Inking: No ink pad required
  • Numerous different impressions available
  • Stamp impression approximately 22mm
  • Pre-inked for up to 25,000 crisp, clear impression
  • Fantastic teaching aid 

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