uBin Base & Lid – Grey – with sticker set

  • £52.00


uBin Base & Lid – Grey – with sticker set. Made from 100% Post consumer recycled Polypropylene, the uBin is supplied with a sticker set comprising: Paper, Mixed Paper & Card, Mixed Recycling, General Waste, Plastics, Cans. 

Not only is the uBin 100% recycled plastic, but it's also the first bin in the world from recycled UK post-consumer plastic! An unprecedented environmental credential.

Free sticker set.

6 x wrap compatible polypropylene stickers are included with every uBin. Each sticker is laminated with a matte polypropylene top layer for a slick looking, long lasting wear resistant finish.

International Award Winning.

Don't take our word for it; the uBin has won many awards for it's innovation and environmental credentials.

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