Trodat, Teacher Stampers - Choose your stamp (Printy 4933)

  • £9.00

Product Description

Trodat have been producing professional, affordable and functional stamps for over a century and are widely considered to be world leaders in the innovation of stamps. The Trodat’s Printy range has been designed for use within the classroom, produced to assist and work alongside educators and teachers across the world. Recent research has concluded that to most effectively learn, humans must receive clear and constructive feedback. Therefore Trodat’s range of Printy Stampers are specifically designed with the intention of allowing teachers to quickly give clear, constructive and tailored feedback to students. Printing feedback also allows students to quickly assess what they did successfully, where to improve and how to improve, all key factors in whether or not a student improves their academic performance. The Printy 4933 has a broad catalogue of different imprints, perfect for almost any number of classroom or subject specific tasks. Replacement Ink Pads are available for this product in various colours.

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