This is the Trodat Security Marking Stamp Set. The set helps protect your valuables from theft by marking it with Ultra Violet Ink. Perfect for protecting your electronics. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Trodat, Security Marking Stamp - Help Protects Your Valuables

  • £17.10

Product Description

Trodat have been designing and producing affordable, professional, high-quality and functional stamps and stampers for over 100 years and are widely considered world leaders in the innovation and manufacturing of new stamps and stampers. This Trodat Security Marking Stamp is no exception, providing a new exciting and innovative way of protecting your valuables from theft. This D.I.Y set is designed specifically to help you to mark your valuable with and impression e.g. a name & a phone number. However what makes this stamp special is that it utilized Ultra Violet (UV) Ink which is only visible under UV Light (a Keyring UV Light is provided in the set). This stamp is therefore ideal for marking your latest electronic equipment such as Ipods, Mp3 Players, Iphones, Smartphones, Nintendo Switch and any other equipment you deem important and at risk of theft.

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