This is the Trodat Office Printy Word Stamper. Fantastic for use in offices and work environments that could do with saving time and money. Various imprints available. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Order.

Trodat, Office Word Stamps - 18 Different Phrases (Office Printy)

  • £11.99

Product Description

Trodat have been producing high-quality, affordable, professional stamps for over 100 hundred years, and are considered to be world leaders in design and innovation. The Trodat Office Printy lives up to the expectations one would expect from a Trodat stamp, ensuring office efficiency, great value for money and clear imprints over thousands of uses. The Office Printy has a sturdy and sleek design that is both hard-wearing fantastic looking. The stamp leaves a 2-coloured impression, featuring the symbol in blue and wording in red. Accordingly the stamp leaves paperwork looking professional with an easy to read impression.

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