The Trodat Multi-Word Dater Stamp includes 4 Phrases, these are: 'Received', 'Paid', 'Faxed' and 'Posted'. Fantastic for administrative tasks. Great in Offices, Warehouses and Schools. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Order.

Trodat, Multi-Word Dater Stamp - 4 Phrases (Professional Line 5440L)

  • £33

Product Description

This stamp is considered by many people who work in admin to be the perfect stamp for administrative duties, easily and quickly able to mark documents with both popular phrases and dates. The 5440 L comes with exchangeable text, which includes: 'Received', 'Paid', 'Faxed' and 'Posted'. Additionally the stamp has a centred date band, which forces the imprint to include date, month and a choice of 12 consecutive years. The date prints at a height of 4mm and in the format: Day, Month (in letters) and Year.  As briefly mentioned this stamp is fantastic for administrative duties, but it also well suited to Office Work, Warehouses and Schools.

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