Trodat offer a broad range of choices when it comes to Teacher Marking Stampers and Stamps. This set of 5 Stamps is specficially aimed at helping students improve their grades in regards to spelling punctuation and grammar. 5 different imprints are available in this set and they are all brilliant. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Teacher Marking Stampers - Set of 5 Stamps for Spelling Punctuation and Grammar

  • £19.99

Product Description

This set of 5 Teacher Marking Stampers are specifically aimed towards helping students achieve Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar goals. Featuring 5 unique imprints, these stamps are designed to provide a colourful and fun way for children to achieve their classroom targets. These 5 unique impressions are wonderful ways of teachers providing clear feedback, printing at a size of 12mm x 12mm and including a:  Tick, 1 Mark with a Tick, 1 Mark, 1M and an X. These set of stamps are all self-inking and economically brilliant, providing a multiplicity of high-quality impressions before refilling even needs to be considered. Perfect for any classroom environment and broadly considered a fantastic education tool for helping children to achieve their education goals.

  • This set of personalized stamps print 5 varied impression which are a:  Tick, 1 Mark with a Tick, 1 Mark, 1M and an X
  • A superbly colourful and efficient way of helping children achieve classroom goals
  • Self-inking and visually clear over numerous impressions
  • Brilliant economic value per stamp.

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