This set of 4 Printy 4922 Teacher Marking Stampers are brilliants for helping students understand the marking and assessment feedback of their teachers and educators. A great educational aid and classroom tool. Free Shipping on all Orders. Available at Novel Idea Online.

Teacher Marking Stampers - Set of 4 Stamps for Marking and Assessment

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Product Description

Trodat have been producing high-quality, professional and affordable stamps for over a century, the company is broadly considered world leaders in the innovation and design of functional stamps. This set of 4 Teacher Marking Stampers is no exception; these Stampers have been specifically designed for use by educational professionals. Much recent research has highlighted that to help students progress in the classroom they must first fundamentally understand the feedback that their educators are giving them. This set of 4 Stampers is a fantastic educational aid as it provides an effective and quick way for teachers to highlight areas of either concern or success in an engaging and colourful way. This makes the process of learning more enjoyable and can have a positive effect on helping students to understand how they can make academic improvements. The Self-Inking Printy 4922 is fantastic value for money and provides thousands of crisp clear imprints before refilling is necessary. The Stamper imprints at a size of 19mm x 19mm.

This set of 4 Stampers includes:

  • EBI (Even Better If)
  • (Useful for teachers wishing to point students in the direct of online resources)
  • A Red Circle (For custom emoticon faces to indicate positive or negative outcomes)
  • A Pink Smiley Face

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