The Trodat, Teacher Stamp with messages "What went well?", "Even Better:" and "Next Steps:" Perfect for giving feedback to students of all ages. Great educational aid. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Trodat, Teacher Stamp – ‘What Went Well:’, ‘Even Better If:’ and ‘Next Steps:’

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Product Description

Trodat are world leaders in manufacturing professional, affordable and functional stampers. Trodat’s Printy Range has been designed for the classroom, manufactured to assist and work alongside educators and teachers. The most up-to-date research has proven that feedback, and understanding feedback in particular, is central to whether or not students learn from their mistakes and make progress in the classroom. Therefore Trodat’s ranges of Teacher Stamps are specifically designed to help teachers give effective and tailored feedback, in turn improving their students’ grades. This self-inking stamper imprints the phrases ‘What Went Well:’, ‘Even Better If:’ and ‘Next Steps:’ allowing teachers to quickly mark and give feedback to a student’s homework, schoolwork or group project. Printing saves teachers' time and also allows students to quickly assess what they did successfully, where to improve and how to improve, all key factors in whether or not a student improves their academic performance. Printing in Blue, this colourful stamper could therefore be an efficient way of ensuring academic understanding and ensuring pupils know how and what they need to improve upon. Replacement Ink Pads are available for this product in a variety of colours. 

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