This Trodat Teacher Stamper is Self-Inking and prints 2 stars and a magic wand. Perfect for classrooms and helping students understand feedback. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Trodat, Teacher Stamp - Marks 2 Stars and a Magic Wand

  • £11.20

Product Description

Having been world leaders in both professional and affordable stamps for a number of years, Trodat have been producing high-quality and cost efficient stamps for a long time.  Trodat’s Printy Range provides a broad choice of stamps designed to both assist and work alongside teachers in the classroom.  Recent research has shown that feedback, in particularly understanding feedback, is pivotal in allowing students to correct mistakes and make progress during lessons. Accordingly Trodat’s Teacher Stamps are designed to specifically assist teachers with marking work and giving relevant and effective feedback.  This self-inking stamper is particularly versatile and can be used by teachers and pupils alike, allowing either of the two to comment next to the starts what they think has been successful, and next to the magic wand what they think could be improved upon next time.  Printing in violet, this colourful stamper could therefore be an exciting way of compounding understanding and allowing students to gain confidence in self-assessment.  Replacement Ink Pads are available for this product in a variety of colours. 

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