The Trodat Printy 4922 Model is a fantastic stampers and this Teacher Motivation Stamper Set includes 3 of them, imprinting 3 different motivational trophies for the classroom. Great as an educational aid to help motivate students to improve their accademic performance. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all orders

Teacher Motivation Stampers - Set of 3 Motivational Trophy Stamps

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Product Description

For the last century Trodat have been producing the highest quality, affordable and professional stampers available on the market. These 3 Motivational Trophy Stamps are brilliantly designed to provide an effective educational aid and help motivate students within the classroom. The latest research into educational attainment and teaching has illuminated the fact that for many students to effectively learn, they must have a strong understanding when it comes to the feedback given to them in the classroom. If students are unable to understand the feedback awarded them by their lecturers, teachers and educators, then it is likely they will not reach their full academic potential. Accordingly this set of 3 self-inking motivational stampers are a fantastic classroom aid, providing a fun and effective way for teachers to colourfully highlight areas of success or areas that are in need of some improvement.  In this way learning can be made even more fun and students can be motivated who may have otherwise flagged when receiving criticism.  The Self-Inking Printy 4922 is fantastic value for money and provides thousands of crisp clear imprints before refilling is necessary. The Stamper imprints at a size of 19mm x 19mm.

This set of 3 Stampers includes:

  • A Gold Trophy Stamper
  • A Silver Trophy Stamper
  • A Bronze Trophy Stamper

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