Bi-Office, Tabletop Self-stick Flipchart Pad (Pack of 6)

  • £46.00

Product Description

The Bi-Office Tabletop Self-Stick reposistionable Flipchart Pads are suitable for use with all Bi-Office Flipcharts. Easy to use, the Flipchart Pad Sheets are reposistionable due to their sticky backs and are designed to remain sticky throughout numerous uses. Manufactured using high-quality bleed resistant paper, the pad sheets are designed to be used with almost all marker pens and are perfect for classrooms, offices, boardrooms and almost any workplace imaginable. Each pad contains twenty 585mm x 500mm sheets, simply fold out that supporting card backing and they’re ready to use. Liven up your presentations with these fantastic Tabletop Self-stick Flipchart Pads!

  • Each pad consists of 20 sheets at a size of 585x500mm
  • Designed for multiple uses and to be easy to use
  • Designed using high-quality, bleed resistant paper for use with almost all marker pens
  • Uses a solvent-free adhesive making them safe for use in any workplace
  • Comes with a handle for flexible portability
  • Simply fold out the backing support card and the pads are ready to use
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