This beautifully made Sunsport Red Aluminium Baseball Bat, perfect for playing baseball with friend and families in parks and gardens. Make use of the lovely summer weather. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Sunsport, Red Aluminium Baseball Bat (81cm)

  • £21.99

Product Description

Hit a home run with this fantastic Sunsport Red Aluminium Baseball Bat. Make the most of summer with a game of Baseball or Softball using this 81cm high-quality home run hitter. Perfect for use in the local park or even in your back garden (if it's big enough). Why not invite friends and families over for food, drink and a game of Softball or Baseball? Knock one out of the park.

  • A light Baseball Bat made out of red aluminium and measuring 81cm
  • A great Baseball Bat for both matches and practices
  • A high-quality and hard-wearing Baseball Bat that will stand up to the stresses of the game
  • The high-quality grip provides great handling allowing the user to accurately aim the ball
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