Scoot and Ride Unisex Bicylcle Helmet - XXS-S - Headsize 45-51cm

  • £40.53

With the cool Scoot & Ride bicycle helmet, the riding fun really starts. This lightweight toddler helmet matches perfectly with the unique Scoot & Ride scooter range, providing maximum protection and safety.



  • LED backlight
  • breathable padding
  • soft chin guard
  • Polycarbonate Shell
  • Adjustable
  • LED safety backlight

The XXS-S helmet from Scoot & Ride has been specially developed for smaller children and offers maximum protection and safety with its polycarbonate shell with a shock-absorbing core

With a size adjustment wheel on the back and an adjustable magnetic safety lock, it ensures a perfect fit

The LED light on the back provides additional safety at dusk and in the dark

With 11 ventilation holes, breathable padding and a soft chin guard this helmet is very comfortable to wear

Available in the following colours: Steel, Rose, Ash, Forest, Blueberry, Peach, Lemon, Kiwi, Gold

Sizes available: XXS-S, S

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