Scoot and Ride Highway Kick 3 LED - Ages 3+

  • £74.25

Clever Mobility

The Highwaykick 3 is the ideal companion for children aged 3+. 
The height-adjustable and foldable handlebar adapts ergonomically to the body size and makes the transportation of the product easy. Durable materials guarantee fun, the patented -safety pad- provides additional security. Features LED wheels for stylish visibility.   

fun. easy to ride and easy to store foldable handle  
safety. safety-pad for more security against tip-over 
traning. steering by weight stabilising 

The folding-mechanism of our Highwaykick 3
Easy carry, easy storeage

Picture of Kick 3 working mechanism

Revolutionary Safety Feature: Safety-Pad


The patented -safety pad- offers kids an extra portion of protection. 
It prevents the tip-over on rough terrain or if the wheels get stuck. 
It is completely integrated into the Highwaykick 1 and can be extended whenever you need it. 

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