Recycling Bin Stickers - Width 900mm x Height 50mm, White Vinyl - Choose your message

  • £4.50

Product Description

Increasingly the way we are living is having a greater and greater impact upon our planet and the environment around us. One way we can try to reduce this impact is through recycling and reducing our waste.  Many businesses around the United Kingdom are increasingly trying to encourage their staff to recycle through the use of recycling bins. However these bins can often be dull looking, this isn’t helped by confusing rules and policies surrounding what can and cannot be recycled. Clear all that confusion up with these Recycling Bin Stickers and ensure you and your company are recycling efficiently.

  • Width 900mm x Height 50mm
  • White Vinyl
  • Adhesive Backing for Easy Sticking
  • Choice of message – ‘aluminium cans’, ‘general waste’ , ‘other recyclables’, ‘paper’ and ‘plastics.’

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