National Geographic, Illuminated Moon Globe (30cm)

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Product Description

If you love to look at the night sky whenever you can, this globe is the globe for you. The Moon Globe, a pin-point accurate replica manufactured by National Geographic, allows you to look at the moon all day without the worry of cloud cover or adverse weather. National Geographic have used data obtained from NASA to accurately create a cartographic and topographic physical map of the moon, featuring all of its gorgeous craters and hills. This globe is a natural fit for anyone obsessed with astronomy, geography and science and anybody who has an obsession with space and the unknown. Perfect for bedrooms, classrooms or any space occupied by people who love space and the stars. The globe also has the option to illuminate it, making it easier to study its topographical features. The ability to illuminate the globe allows it to even function as a unique office lamp or bedroom light.

    Diameter: 30 cm

    Map: The Moon

    Base: Aluminium

    Meridian: N/A

    Light: 18 Watt EER C

    Plug: Comes with 3 Pin British Standard

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