The National Geographic Illuminated Mars Globe is a perfect gift for any aspiring, amateur, or professional astronomer. Available at Novel Idea Online, Free-Shipping on all orders.

National Geographic, Illuminated Mars Globe (30cm)

  • £96.99

Product Description

    The National Geographic Illuminated Mars Globe is truly the perfect globe for any Martian lover worth his salt. Featuring the latest and most precise geographical and topographical information from NASA, the Illuminated Mars Globe has been manufactured to accurately portray the features of the dusty red planet. This Illuminated Mars Globe is the perfect gift for amateur, aspiring and professional astronomers alike. The Globe is produced using a brass-looking plastic base which complements the dusty redness of mars nicely, making it a natural partner to any home office, study or bed room. Additionally the ability to illuminate the Mars Globe allows for easy viewing of the planets topographical features, whilst enabling the globe to double up as a bedroom or desk lamp.

        Diameter: 30 cm

        Map: Mars

        Base: Brass Looking Plastic

        Light: 18 Watt EER C

        Plug: Comes with 3 Pin British Standard

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