The professional looking Magnetic Premiere Easel, suitable for offices, classrooms and boardrooms. Available now at Novel Idea Online. Free-shipping and great value on all orders.

Bi-Office, Magnetic Premiere Easel

  • £81.00

Product Description

The high-quality Magnetic Premier Easel is the premium solution to office and workplace presentation problems. Offering a double foot bar metal loop leg, the Premiere Easel offers the ultimate in stability during energetic meetings and brainstorming sessions. This foot bar also means that the Premiere Easel is easy to both set-up and manoeuvre in any workplace environment. Flexibility is therefore central to the Easel’s design, with both the height and angle of the Easel being fully adjustable. The Magnetic Premiere Easel also includes two fantastic telescopic side arms which are useful for additional presentation space without any fuss. Professional looking with a full length pen-tray to stop those pesky pens finding their way to the floor, the Magnetic Premiere Easel is a necessity for any office, boardroom, staff room or class room.  

  • Suitable for any workplace
  • Designed around the double foot bar metal structure guarantees extra stability
  • Professional looking, Robust and  featuring a durable aluminium frame
  • Ultimate versatility and flexibility with height and angle fully adjustable
  • Including adjustable pad clamps, suitable for use with any flipchart pads
  • Includes 2 telescopic side arms for additional presentation space without any fuss
  • Includes a full length pen-tray

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