Stewart Superior's Office Information Sign displaying the language and iconography of 'Ladies' and 'Gentlemen'. Suitable for any areas in the workplace or office that are required to be gender specific. Novel Idea Online offers Free Shipping on all Orders.

Office Information Sign - Ladies and Gentlemen - Width 190mm x Height 45mm, Aluminium and Acrylic (Pack of 2)

  • £11.10

Product Description

This pair of Office Information Signs are opposites of one another, with one displaying the iconography and the wording ‘Gentlemen’, the other displaying the wording ‘Ladies’ and the matching iconography. These signs are versatile, perfect for any number of gender specific areas within the workplace such as toilets, showers or gyms. They are also suitable for school environments and any other workplaces where gender specific privacy is essential. The pair of signs are manufactured using Acrylic and Aluminium, accordingly the finished products are a pair of signs which look professional, are sturdy and represent great value for money. Both signs are fitted with adhesive strip backing, allowing them to be easily and practically fitted to almost any indoor surface.

  • Aluminum/Acrylic Office Information Sign
  • Self-adhesive strip backing for easy fixing
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Hard-wearing
  • Width 190mm x Height 45mm

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