Stewart Superior manufacture a wide range of Office Information Signs. This one in particularly shows the iconography of a male and can be used to mark out gender specific areas such as toilets, showers or gyms. Novel Idea Online offer Free Shipping on all Orders.

Office Information Sign - Gentlemen (Iconography Only) - Width 150mm x Height 115mm, Aluminium and Acrylic

  • £7.80

Product Description

This Office Information sign uses the universal iconography of a male. Accordingly this sign has numerous uses and is incredibly versatile. Uses could include marking out male toilets, gym, shower facilities or any other area within a building or company that are specifically for males. The sign is manufactured and finished using acrylic and aluminium, resulting in a sign that looks professional, is hardy and also great value for money. Fitted with adhesive strip backing, this Office Information Sign is easily fitted to practically ever indoor surface.  

  • Aluminum/Acrylic Office Information Sign
  • Self-adhesive strip backing for easy fixing
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Hard-wearing
  • Width 150mm x Height 115mm

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