The A1 Frameless Mobile Magnetic Easel, perfect for energetic presentations in offices, classrooms or boardrooms. Now purchasable at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping and Great Value on all orders.

Bi-Office, Frameless Mobile Magnetic Easel - Choice of Size

  • £120.00

Product Description

The Frameless Mobile Magnetic Easel is a magnetic easel, with a frameless steel surface, which has been mounted on a mobile base for easy movement in and around the workplace. With its clean, frameless design, the Frameless Mobile Magnetic Easel looks sleek and professional in any workplace from school or class room, to office or boardroom. Manufactured using high-quality materials, the magnetic easel has an incredibly durable surface for intensive usage. The easels dry-wipe surface also allows the easel to easily keep up with the intensity of office spaces and class room environments. Importantly the Frameless Mobile Magnetic Easel is one of the most flexible easels available on the market at the moment, with the smooth rolling wheeled base allowing the easel to be maneuvered with ease on a multitude of surfaces. Perfect for classrooms, staff rooms, offices, board rooms and any workplace where presentation is a priority.

  • Professional looking, sleek and clean frameless design
  • High quality easel with magnetic surface allows versatile uses in the workplace
  • Adjustable pad clamp for use with a multitude of easel pads
  • Hard-wearing surface allows for long-lasting intensive use
  • Mounted on 5 locking castor wheels for flexible maneuvering around the workplace

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