Bex, Croquet Pro 4 mallet in wooden box

  • £110.00

Product Description

Invite your family and friends over and participate in a fantastic game of Croquet in the summer sun! Croquet is a perfect test of a players accuracy and aim, opponents take it in turns to hit the wooden ball through the Croquet Wickets; the winner is the one who gets to the end first. Bex’s Croquet Pro 4 mallet in wooden box is a brilliant, high quality, croquet set which includes four mallets; perfect for enjoying this summer with family and friends in the garden or at the park. Bex’s Croquet Pro 4 mallet in wooden box Set is complete with enough of the games equipment for 4 players to challenge each other. The set is manufactured using the highest quality components made from Sheesham wood and Ash wood, leaving the products looking beautifully crafted and making them splendid to play Croquet with. Additionally the Croquet set has a lacquered finish which provides extra durability.

 Bex’s Croquet Pro 4 mallet in wooden box Set includes:

  • 4 mallets and handles
  • 4 balls
  • 2 target sticks
  • 10 hoops
  • 1 wooden box
  • Multi-lingual rules and instructions

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