Combin Recycle Bin (Pack of 5)

  • £45.00


Combin Recycle Bin (Pack of 5). Supplied in a flatpack form, the combin is easy to assemble. There are 5 combins in each box. Each box contains 5 label sets: 5 x Paper, 5 x Plastics, 5 x Mixed Recycling, 5 x General Waste, 5 x Cans. The Combin base is made from 100% recycled cardboard (representing 73% of the bin by weight). The lid is corrugated polypropylene. The labels are also polypropylene for optimum recyclability.

Durable plastic lid.

Durability where it counts:
the corrugated plastic lid prolongs the life of the bin and resists liquids.

Cardboard base.

Economy where it counts: the corrugated cardboard base (majority of the bin) keeps the cost down. whilst still being strong and functional.

25 Labels.
120 combinations.

Each pack of 5 combins comes with 25 pictogram stickers (5 each of: general waste, mixed recycling, plastic bottles, cans and paper).

Assembly; piece of cake.

Each slim, easy-to-store box contains 5 combins.
Assembly couldn't be simpler and takes no time at all.

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