Colop's Green Line Printer S 220 is a brilliant Dater Stamp for a multitude of office environments and administrative tasks, allowing users to quickly date important documents and spend less time writing. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all UK orders.

Colop Stamp, Printer S 220 - Green Line Date Stamper

  • £10.30

Product Description

Colop's Printer S 220 prints the Date in the format Date/Month/Year. Each imprint is printed at a height of 4mm. The Printer S 220 is a brilliant office tool and can save thousands of man power hours by speeding up the simple dating of documents. A brilliant piece of equipment for maximizing office and administrative efficiency. 

Imprint: Date/Month/Year 

Imprint Height: 4mm

Compatible Ink Pads: E/200

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