Colop Stamp, Mini-Dater S 160/L - Choose your phrase

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Product Description

The Colop Printer S 160/L range of Mini-Daters are well suited to office and administrative tasks. This range of stamps includes models with the phrases RECEIVED, PAID, FAXED AND e-m@ailed. These imprints print the phrase in Blue and print the date in Red underneath the phrase. As such these stamps are fantastic office tools and can help keep and office organized whilst saving administrative time.  The stamps imprint at a size of 26mm x 12mm. 

Imprint Phrases Include:

  • RECEIVED (printed in blue) DATE/MONTH/YEAR (printed in red)
  • PAID (printed in blue) DATE/MONTH/YEAR (printed in red)
  • FAXED (printed in blue) DATE/MONTH/YEAR (printed in red)
  • e-m@iled (printed in blue) DATE/MONTH/YEAR (printed in red)

Imprint Height:  26mm x 12mm 

Compatible Ink Pads: E/10/2

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