Chillafish, Monzi Go-Karts - Choose your colour

  • £225.00

Product Description

Chillafish's Monzi Go-Kart is a foldable and adjustable Go-Kart that grows with your children without the need for tools...or make that Pit Stops. The Monzi Go-Kart has 12 inch wheels and looks just like a real race car! This Go-Kart is peddle powered, utilizing an AFR-hub that has automatic forward, reverse and freewheel pedaling. Parents not needed for reversing! The Kart also has a handbrake if you're going to fast, or just want to do some cool turns. On top of this there's storage in the trunk for those important play time supplies! Although there's a lot of storage space, there's luckily not enough room to fit a younger sibling in the trunk...

Chillafish's range of Monzi Go-Karts are fitted with Rubber Skin Tyres which are airless and give the best possible grip on the market without any need to be inflated. A foam core surrounded by an outside rubber layer means they are also importantly puncture proof, providing a great grip and with no inflation necessary! 

The Monzi Go-Kart comes with an included Wall Mount for easy storage, just hang the Monzi up and save some much needed space. The Monzi is fantastic four wheeled fun and is easy to store, what else does a speed demon need? 

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