Chillafish, Combo Quadie and Trailie - Choose your colour

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Product Description

Chillafish has taken the 4-wheeled Quad-bike back to its roots with the Combo Quadie and Trailie, aiming to provide your child with a first riding experience that isn't daunting, is simple for them to grasp and importantly a lot of fun to play on! The Quadie Quadbike is lightweight making it a breeze for your young one to maneuver, but also easy for you to pick up and put away when needs be. Its handlebars are also coated in easy to grip material to allow your child full and easy control of the Quadie Bike's steering! 

The Quadie Bike's seat is adjustable to your child's height and so will grow with your youngster until they're confident enough to transition to a real bicycle. The Quadie also has a built in storage section under the seat, so your child can also become a mobile home courier service!

The Click 'n' Play ride on trailer is also a fantastic addition to the Quadie, allowing your youngster to creatw a Quadie train with their friends or to give a much loved toy or pet a lift around the house or garden. 

The Quadie's wheels are manufactured using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a mixture of rubber and plastic, which allows the bike to move almost silently on both indoor and outdoor surfaces unlike other competitors’ balance bikes and importantly is non-marking.

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