Chillafish, Bobbi Helmet - Choose your colour

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Product Description

This hard-shelled helmet is manufactured using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). ABS is an incredibly resilient thermoplastic and boasts excellent toughness and resistance, making it able to easily withstand high impacts. Accordingly Chillafish's Bobbi Helmet is a brilliant tool for keeping your young ones safe whilst adventuring. The Bobbi Helmet is cut high enough to allow your youngster unobstructed head and neck movement whilst they're having fun. On top of this the Helmet features a ponytail hair port, allowing your little ones the option of not spoiling their hair whilst remaining safe. You child will be wearing the helmet to bed they love it so much! Chillafish's Bobbi Helmet includes an integrated and highly adjustable chinstrap with strap sliders, keeping the helmet snugly fit and squarely upon your child's head. 

The Bobbi Helmet is a multi-sport skater styled helmet that offers more coverage than other children's helmets and is dual-certified. The helmet also includes different sized sweat absorbing machine washable pads, these pads also increase comfort and absorb impact shocks that would otherwise be felt through the extremely hard ABS plastic. Manufactured for comfort, the Bobbi Helmet maximizes airflow within the helmet keeping it cooler than many other helmets on the market. Chillafish have thought of everything with this helmet, even including warmer inner pads and woolly ear-pads, included in the box for use in winter or colder climates. The open ear pad design offers incredible protection whilst allowing your kids to hear everything you say, that's of course if they're not ignoring you! The helmet has been engineered to assist every little adventurer tackle every challenge in all conditions and climates, when biking, skating, riding and skiing the Bobbi Helmet is up for the job! 

  • ABS resilient thermoplastic offers ultimate protection
  • Dual Certified
  • High cut design allows head and neck comfort and limits rigidity
  • Adjustable chinstrap and strap sliders for the perfect fit
  • Perfect for Biking, Skating, Riding and Skiing
  • Woolly Ear-Pads for colder climates included in box
  • High-comfort design so your child is happy to wear the helmet
  • Head Circumference 51 – 55cm

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