The BMXie Balance Bike with Sergeant Hearts Design is probably the best performing and coolest looking balance bike on the market. A great way for children to build their confidence before transitioning to a real bicycle. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all UK orders.

Chillafish, BMXie Balance Bike FAD (Sergeant Hearts)

  • £78.99

Product Description

Chillafish's BMXie Balance Bike FAD with Sergeant Hearts design is a fantastic balance bike to help youngsters gain confidence and find their balance! The BMXie Balance Bike doesn't compromise, giving your child a real BMX-style bicycle frame with oversize tubing that is extremely lightweight. The BMXie's seat is fully adjustable without the need for tools and even has a removable footrest. 

The BMXie Balance Bike is fitted with Rubber Skin Tyres which are airless and give the best possible grip on the market without needing to be inflated. A foam core surrounded by an outside rubber layer means they are also importantly puncture proof, providing a great grip and with no inflating necessary! 

Chillafish knows kids love customization and so this bike naturally has an awesome design and comes with an attachable number-plate and stickers for further customization! This is probably the coolest looking and best performing balance bike on the market!

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