An image displaying the Bi-Office Light Weight Magnetic Eraser. It shows the ergonomic shape of the eraser with its black and white colouring.

Bi-Office Lightweight Magnetic Eraser (Twin Pack)

  • £9.40

Product Description

These Bi-Office Lightweight Magnetic Erasers are extremely light weight, magnetic eraser for whiteboards. Able to remove the most stubborn and lingering dry wipe whiteboard marker stains, the Bi-Office Lightweight Magnetic Eraser is essential for any workplace environment that utilizes a whiteboard. Designed ergonomically, the eraser fits the hand perfectly to avoid any discomfort associated with other inferior erasing products. The whiteboard eraser is also easily washable, making it an efficient and cost-effective addition to any office, classroom, laboratory or working environment.

  • Twin Pack
  • Extremely light magnetic eraser, sticks to magnetic white boards.
  • Washable, efficient and cost-effective.
  • Pleasant to handle.

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