Here we can see the Bex Wooden Ladder Garden Game, also known as Ladder Golf. A fantastic game for children and adults of all ages, great fun during lazy summer afternoons. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Bex Ladder Garden Game - Wooden

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Product Description

A traditional garden game from time gone by. This Ladder garden game from Bex is the perfect outdoor family game. Originating from America, the Ladder game is played by 2 players or teams with the aim of the game to throw the spin balls onto the ladder. The first to 21 points wins! Made from rubber wood, this game includes a ladder, 2 sets of balls (3 blue and 3 red), wooden bricks and an instruction booklet.

This Spin Ladder Game, or Ladder Golf as it is sometimes called, is a fun garden game for two players or teams that involves throwing Bolas at the ladder and trying to wrap them around the bars to score points - which is much harder than it looks. Bex's Ladder Garden Game includes:

  • 2 sets of spin bolas, 3 blue and 3 red
  • A marked ladder to play upon
  • An instruction booklet in various languages

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