Bex, Ladder Garden Game - Pro Version

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Product Description

A traditional garden game from time gone by. This Ladder garden game from Bex is the perfect outdoor family game. Originating from America, the Ladder game is played by 2 players or teams with the aim of the game being to throw the spin balls onto the ladder. The first to 21 points wins! Made from rubber wood, this game includes a ladder, 2 sets of bolas (3 blue and 3 red), wooden bricks and an instruction booklet.

This Spin Ladder Game, or Ladder Golf which it is sometimes known as, is a fun garden game for two players or teams that involves throwing Bolas at the ladder and trying to wrap them around the bars to score points - which is much harder than it looks! This hard-wearing model is made entirely of thick, durable Rubberwood and is suitable for more intensive, commercial use as well as fun in the back-garden. The Ladder is easily assembled and this 'Pro' model uses wooden nuts for a nicer finish. Bex's Ladder Garden Game Pro includes:

  • 2 sets of spin bolas, 3 blue and 3 red
  • A marked ladder to play upon
  • An instruction booklet in various languages

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