Here is Bex's Kubb Pro Game, which is official tournament size, unboxed and ready for usage. This game is great fun for playing with your friends and family during summer. The game is of Viking origin and is fun and exciting to play. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Bex, Kubb Pro Game (Official Tournament Size)

  • £61.99

Product Description

Unleash the Viking within by playing the exciting and ancient game of Kubb. Kubb has historic Viking origins, often being described as a more physical version of chess, or as Viking variation of chess. It is unsurprisingly just as fun and thrilling as its historical background suggests. The games objective is to upturn wooden blocks called Kubbs, players achieve this by launching wooden batons at them as accurately as they possibly can. Play begins when these Kubbs are aligned in formation at one of side of the Kubb pitch, the King Kubb is placed behind this ‘Kubb Army’. The first player to remove his opponents Kubbs, followed by the King Kubb is declared the winner. Games can last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the skill of the opponents. This Pro variation of the game is brilliant fun for playing with friends and family or even in more ‘professional’ or competitive settings such as tournaments. Bex’s Kubb Pro Game includes:

  • 1 Red Crown Kubb King
  • 6 Throwing Batons
  • 10 Knight Kubbs
  • 4 Area/ Pitch Markers
  • 1 Cotton Bag with Handles
  • 1 Multilingual Rule Book/ Instruction Manual

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