Bex, Kubb Family Game

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Product Description

Foster a family of Viking Berserkers and Warmaidens with Bex’s Kubb Family Game. Kubb has its origins in ancient Viking history and is sometimes thought of as the Vikings answer to chess. Unsurprisingly it is as exciting as you’d expect with such a history. The game’s objective is to knock over wooden blocks which are known as Kubbs or Knights; players achieve this by taking it in turns to throw wooden batons as accurately as they possibly can. Once the Kubbs have been aligned upon the pitch being used for play, the King Kubb is placed in front of them. The Kubbs or Knights which resemble an army are the first targets for the opponents, with the King Kubb being the final prize. The first player to remove his opponents King Kubb is the winner. Games can last anywhere from around 5 minutes to over and hour depending on how skilled and accurate the opponents are. This family variation is great fun for all the family as well as your neighbours and local friends. Get everyone around and form a Viking War Party this summer! Bex’s Kubb Family Game Set includes:

  • 6 Throwing Batons
  • 1 King Kubb
  • 10 Kubbs
  • 1 Net bag for easy storage and transportation
  • 4 Area Markers for marking the pitch
  • 1 Set of instructions in various languages

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