Here we can see Bex's 6 Mallet Family Croquet Set outside of its box and ready for a great outdoor game of Croquet. This game is well suited for family and friends to play this summer in the garden. Free Shipping in provided by Novel Idea Online on all Orders.

Bex, 6 Mallet Family Croquet Set

  • £37.99

Product Description

Croquet is the quintessential British summer game and has been played both here and across the globe for over a century. This summer you, your family and your friends can all participate in this fantastic garden game with Bex's 6 Mallet Family Croquet Set. Croquet is a brilliant test of sporting ability as players must rely upon their accuracy and aim to succeed. Opponents must take it in turns to pass their ball through the 10 wickets, the first to do so in the winner. This Croquet set is manufactured from high quality birch wood, accordingly it both looks and feels fantastic to play with. Don't miss out this summer!

Bex’s 6 Mallet Family Croquet Set includes:

  • 6 Mallets
  • 6 Balls
  • 2 Target Sticks
  • 10 Wickets
  • 1 Cotton Bag for easy transportation
  • 1 Rules and Instructions in numerous languages

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