The Wooden Trolley provided with Bec's 4 Player Croquet Set allows for the set to be easily transported and pleasantly stored. A great fun game to play with all of your family and friends with summer. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Bex, 4 Player Croquet Set with Wooden Trolley

  • £59.00

Product Description

Nearly every summer for over 100 years Croquet has been played across the world, now this summer you too can take part in the classic game with Bex’s 4 Player Croquet Set which includes a Wooden Trolley. Invite the family and friend over to play the exciting garden game of Croquet and make use of the brilliant summer weather! Croquet is arguably the greatest test of accuracy and aim under pressure. Gameplay is based around opponents taking it in turn to hit wooden balls through the wickets positioned upon the playing field; the winner is decided when the first player reaches the last wicket. Bex’s 4 Player Croquet Set with Wooden Trolley, is a brilliant set of high quality Croquet equipment for 4 players to participate in a game of Croquet. The set is manufactured with fantastic quality rubber wood, which leaves the product with a beautiful finish and a quality that can be felt when playing.

Bex’s 4 Player Croquet Pro Set with Wooden Trolley includes:

  • 4 Mallets
  • 4 Balls
  • 2 Target Sticks
  • 10 Wickets
  • Wooden Transport Trolley
  • Rules and Instructions in various languages

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