The Sunsport Basketball Net with Backboard & Stainless Steel Rim. Perfect for mounting on your backyard wall. Shoot some hoops with friends and family on a summers day. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Sunsport, Basketball Net with Backboard & Stainless Steel Rim

  • £58.99

Product Description

In the famous words of the rapper Kurtis Blow: "They're Playin' Basketball!" Now you too can play Basketball. Set up your own basketball court in your backyard or back garden with the Sunsport Basketball Net. The Sunsport Basketball Net is also perfect for social clubs, gyms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and anywhere else Basketball might be played. Challenge your friend and family to some net games such as: H-O-R-S-E, Airball, Fives, Around the World or Knockout.

  • Strong and durable back board made from PE (Polyethylene) and is 92cm x 60cm x 3cm
  • Require wall fitting, preferably with screws (however these are not provided)
  • Rim is 16mms thick and made of steel.
  • Rim size suitable for 7" ball.
  • Assembly instructions included with Basketball net

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