The Sunsport Badminton Set is perfect for teams of 2 or 4 players. Great with friends and family during summer. Can be used at the beach or in the backyard. Available at Nove Idea Online. Free Shipping on all Orders.

Sunsport, Badminton Set

  • £24.00

Product Description

Be ashamed of your little shuttle cock no-longer with Sunsport’s Badminton Set. The Badminton Set includes 4 rackets, 4 spare shuttle cocks and a net. Although your dad might think he knows the rules, make sure he does with the multilingual rule book that is included. Perfect for setting up in the back garden or at the beach, this Badminton Set also includes a carrying bag for easy transportation. Fun for both family and friends; get a group together for a barbecue and a few games of back garden badminton.

This Badminton set includes:

  • 4 rackets
  • 4 shuttle cocks
  • 1 badminton net (Width 640cm x Height 76 cm) with 2 poles and stabilising support ropes
  • Multilingual rule book
  • Includes storage and carrying bag

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