Artline 30's range of colours are perfect for whatever your permanent marking needs are. Coming in Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Brown and Black. Available at Novel Idea Online. Free UK Shipping.

Artline 30, Chisel Tip Permanent Marker (Pack of 12)

  • £15.76

Product Description

The Artline 30 range of Chisel Tip Permanent Marker Pens are perfect for all types of permanent marking. The range of colours available are consistently bright and deep on all manner of surfaces. The pens work as effectively upon porous materials such as cardboard and wood, as they do upon non-porous surfaces such as glass and even steel. The Artline 30 is a handy pocket sized permanent marker pen, with a heavy duty metal barrel, making it able to withstand hard knocks and bumps. This range of permanent marker pens are manufactured using a quick drying water-resistant ink which is free of the toxic chemical Xylene. Accordingly it's a safe alcohol solvent-based ink. This pack of 12 Artline 30 Chisel Tip Marker Pens will help you permanently mark a vast range of surfaces around you workplace, enabling you to work more efficiently upon whatever you, your company or your business focuses on.

  • Nib Type: Chisel
  • Line Width: 2-5mm 
  • Drying Time: Instant
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Available Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Pink and Light Blue
  • Pack Quantity: 12

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