This image displays the bright white Anti-Microbial Super Strong Magnets in their packaging.

Anti-Microbial Super Strong Magnets (Pack of 10)

  • £27.00

Product Description

This brand new range of hygienic products has been treated with a world leading anti-microbial additive that actively kills 99% of microbes! The treated magnets require no topping up with this anti-microbial agent as the special additive is always active, meaning your product remains clean indefinitely. These Super Strong Magnets have a range of applications in a multitude of workplaces such as hospitals, surgical theaters, doctors surgeries, laboratories, dentists offices and even in food preparation areas.

  • Super Strong Magnets treated with a specially designed world leading anti-microbial additive that actively kills 99% of microbes.
  • The special additive is always active and has no determinable life; it will keep cleaning day after day.
  • Ideal for use with Bi-Office Anti-Microbial Whiteboards in public areas such as hospitals, surgeries, laboratories, dentists and food preparation areas.
  • The additive doesn't leave any odor or markings upon surfaces.

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