Sunsport, Savoie Soft Indoor Pétanque

  • £31.99

Product Description

Pétanque is a similar game to boules, where the aim of the game is to either toss or gently roll the hollow boules as closely as possible to a point, identified as the jack. Pétanque is an old and classic game and is over 100 years old; it is believed to have first been played in La Ciotat region of France. Pétanque is a fantastically fun game for both children and adults of all ages. This Pétanque set is perfect for either an afternoon with the family, or even a drunken evening with friends.

This Pétanque set includes:

  • 6  Pétanque boules, 3 black and 3 red
  • 1  soft jack
  • Rules and instructions in different languages

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