Trodat, Set of 2 Teacher Stamps - "Think Pink" and "Go Green"

  • £16.50

Product Description

Considered world leaders in manufacturing professional and affordable stamps, Trodat are constantly innovating and building up a catalogue of versatile products. Trodat's Printy range of self-inking stampers provides a wide selection of stamps designed to complement and assist teachers in the classroom. The most recent educational research shows that understanding a teacher's feedback and how to take the necessary steps to improve has the greatest impact upon a child's ability to learn and progress. Accordingly "Think Pink Go Green" is being increasingly used in classrooms across the country to help students understand what's required of them. Using this method, teachers can ask students questions in Pink about their work and students are asked to implement changes or answer these questions in Green. This method can be used to help students understand what they need to add to their work to meet the criteria for success and eventually progress. This stamper therefore provides teachers with an easier and cost efficient way of implementing the "Think Pink Go Green" method of providing feedback. Replacement Ink Pads are available for this product in a variety of colours. 

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