What should you be looking for when purchasing your new Whiteboard?

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The market for presentation supplies has changed rapidly in the last 20 years. This change has been catalysed by the increasing emergence of Smartboards and other Projection Boards into the office and class room environment. However, many of these Smartboards and Projection Boards are often not dry-wipe friendly, are almost always very poorly optimized and many are still prone to technical failures. Accordingly, there is therefore still an important role for the humble Whiteboard in enabling effective, efficient communication in office spaces and the classroom. Hopefully, by reading this article you will be in a better position to decide which Whiteboard and Whiteboard surface is best suited for your office, classroom or general workplace needs.

  1. Durability: It’s important that the Whiteboard you’re purchasing is built to last. Whiteboard’s are put through their paces daily in both school and office workplaces, and it’s important that the Whiteboard you are purchasing is up to the task you are going to set it. Bi-Silque Whiteboards are manufactured using a wide range of materials to suit many different workplace environments.
  1. Dry-Wipe/ Erase-ability: For many people considering purchasing a Whiteboard, the ability to consistently write and re-write information is the major reason they purchase. Accordingly, there are a few things to be wary of when making your purchase. First and foremost, you want to be sure your Whiteboard is smudge resistant, ensuring that the Whiteboard’s surface remains clear and legible over thousands of uses. All Bi-Silque Whiteboards are smudge resistant, ensuring they provided a long-term presentation solution that is Dry-Wipe friendly.
  1. Functionality and Whiteboard Surface: Magnetic or Non-Magnetic? Scratch Resistant? Bacteria Resistant? Stain Resistant? Graffiti Resistant? Smudge Resistant? There are so many additional options to consider when deciding what type of Whiteboard to buy. Therefore, it’s important to work out what’s important to you regarding the surface of your Whiteboard and the environment you are going to be using it in. It’s imperative to make sure that the functionality of the Whiteboard is well suited to the environment and workplace it’s going to be used in. For example, if your Whiteboard is going to be place in a classroom, it’s probably sensible to make sure the Whiteboard is graffiti and scratch proof.
  1. Size: An obvious consideration, perhaps, but an important one nevertheless. It’s integral when purchasing your Whiteboard to consider the size of the room it’s going to be used in as well as the audience size for any presentations or meetings it will be used in. It’s important to make sure that the board will be visible from all areas of the room and that nobody will be straining to read it. Similarly, if the whiteboard is to be used primarily as a noticeboard then perhaps considering a smaller board might be a wise option if space is a pressing concern in your workplace.
  1. Sustainability: Increasingly sustainability is a growing issue for many businesses and consumers, and Bi-Silque accordingly have begun focusing on their Earth-It Range of products. These products are manufactured using large quantities of recycled materials in efforts to reduce humanities carbon footprint. Therefore if environmental sustainability is a concern for you as it is for many of us, perhaps choosing a Whiteboard from the Earth-It Range may be a priority for you.

Types of Whiteboards

  • Ceramic Steel Whiteboards offer an incredibly smooth writing surface that is scratch, fire, chemical, graffiti, stain and bacteria resistant. Accordingly, Ceramic Steel Whiteboards are a perfect addition to almost any workplace, be it a School, a Professional Kitchen or even a Laboratory. Ceramic Steel Whiteboards offer optimum erase-ability, minimal whiteboard surface light distortion (glare) and greater contrast between colours. This provides viewers with enhanced visibility during sessions involving the whiteboard and allows viewers greater eye comfort over longer sessions using Ceramic Steel Whiteboard.
  • Lacquered Steel Whiteboards are often magnetic and offer versatility in the workplace, allowing information to be added to the Whiteboard on the fly using this magnetic functionality. Lacquered Steel Whiteboards offer high impact resistant and are incredibly resilient to the wear and tear of daily use. Lacquered Steel Whiteboards also offer a smooth writing surface that has a focus on reducing smudging and keeping your Whiteboard looking clean and presentable. Lacquered Steel Whiteboards are also scratch resistant like Ceramic Steel Whiteboards.
  • Enamel Whiteboards are often considered the basic or entry level Whiteboard, offering the fantastic scratch resistance, drywipe surface most buyers are looking for. Although they might not offer some of the more complex features of other boards they are brilliant at what they do, offering a smudge free, stain resistant, scratch resistant, dry-wipe Enamel Whiteboard surface that is fantastic for both brain storming sessions as well as classroom or university lectures.
  • Combination Whiteboards offer the best of both worlds depending on what the board is combined with. Bi-Silque offers Combination Whiteboards with either a Felt Board or Cork Board mirrored half. This is a perfect solution for offices and workplaces that want to make optimum use of the space they have, allowing limited space to have a duel function. Combination Whiteboards often make the most fantastic workplace noticeboards as the dry-wipe, scratch resistant enamel surface allows important daily information to be continuously updated. At the same time the Cork or Felt Board mirrored half allows notices that are longer standing to be attached to the board for frequent reminders or discussion.
  • Gridded Whiteboards sound exactly like what they are. Gridded Whiteboards offer a Gridded Surface on the Whiteboard which aids users who may wish to either draw and write on the Whiteboard. This keeps notices and information straight and orderly on the Whiteboard, and as a bonus the Gridded feature is so subtle it is almost impossible for audience members to see that the Whiteboard surface is Gridded at all. Gridded Whiteboards are also dry-wipe friendly, scratch resistant and smudge resistant.

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