New Products Pulling Out of the Garage – Chillafish’s Range of Balance Bikes and Go-Karts.

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Ready your engines! Because Novel Idea Online are excited to announce a new range of products available for purchase on our website from the sixth of August. From August 6st Novel Idea Online will proudly begin stocking Chillafish’s brilliant range of children’s products. Chillafish are world renowned manufacturers of high quality children’s Balance Bikes and Go-Karts, offering the safest and most affordable tools to help your children gain both their confidence and balance at the same time. On top of this Chillafish understand how much your kids love colour and customization, accordingly their range of Balance Bikes and Go-Kart’s come in an enormous selection of colours and variations. These products are a perfect and fun addition to any young boy’s or girl’s collections of toys and games, they also serve a fantastic secondary purpose of preparing your kids for their first pedal-based bike by allowing them to gain confidence in their balance.

Chillafish, BMXie Balance Bikes

Chillafish’s BMXie Balance Bikes are a fun and exciting way to help your children gain confidence in themselves whilst also helping to build their sense of balance. The BMXie comes with a fully adjustable seat that doesn’t need tools to adjust, allowing the Balance Bike to grow with your child. The BMXie Balance Bike also comes with airless Rubber Skin Tyres, giving the best grip on the market without any need for inflation. A foam core surrounded by an external rubber layer also means the tyres are puncture proof.  All the BMXie’s come in a broad selection of colours and also feature an attachable number plate and stickers, allowing your little ones to customize their bike until their heart’s content.

Chillafish, Quadies

Chillafish have successfully brought the toddler 4-wheeler back to its roots with their brand new Quadie Bike. This high-quality Toddler Quadbike is designed specifically to be a simple, functional and safe first ride for your children. The Quadie’s lightweight frame means that your youngster will be able to manoeuvre the bike easily, whilst you won’t put your back out when it comes to storing the toys away for the evening. With a fully adjustable seat, the Quadie will grow with your kids until they’re confident enough to begin transitioning to a pedal-based bike. The Quadie Bike’s wheels are also manufactured using a non-marking Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a mixture of rubber and plastic, which allows the bike to around silently on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Chillafish also offer a Quadie Combo allowing the Quad Bike to be combined with a Trailie, so your youngster can carry whatever he wants around in their trailer whilst they play. Quadies are available in a broad selection of colours, find your kids favourite colour now!

Chillafish, Bunzi Gradual Balance Bikes

The Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike is a training bike that can be easily switched from a 2-wheel balance bicycle into a 3-wheeled tricycle in a matter of seconds. A fantastic and safe way to help build your child’s confidence in their own abilities. The 3-wheeled tricycle mode allows your child to get their sense of balance before transitioning into the 2-wheel bicycle. The bike can be switched easily between these modes depending on how confident your little one’s are feeling that day. The Bunzi’s wheels are manufactured using Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), a mixture of rubber and plastic, which allows the bike to move almost silently on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and importantly doesn't mark any indoor surfaces. Available in 4 fantastic colours, there’s sure to be one variation that your child loves.

Chillafish, Monzi Go-Karts

Chillafish's Monzi Go-Kart is a both foldable and adjustable Go-Kart that grows alongside your children without the need for tools...or make that Pit Stops. This Go-Kart is powered by pedals and utilize an AFR-hub that has automatic forward, reverse and freewheel pedalling. Parents not needed for reversing! The Kart also has a handbrake if you're going to fast, or just want to do some cool turns. Chillafish's range of Monzi Go-Karts are fitted with Rubber Skin Tyres which are airless and give the best possible grip on the market without any need to be inflated. A foam core surrounded by an outside rubber layer means they are also importantly puncture proof! The Monzi Go-Kart comes with an included Wall Mount for easy storage, just hang the Monzi up and save some much-needed space. The Monzi is fantastic four wheeled fun and is easy to store, what else does a speed demon need? Chillafish’s Monzi Go-Karts are available in a multitude of colours, your children are sure to find one that suits them. With this brilliant Go-Kart your kids will finally be able to play Mario-Kart in the real world!

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