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As we all know, the clocks went back on the 27th of October signalling the beginning of winter in the Northern hemisphere. As the daylight grows shorter, the nights grow longer, and you may find yourself wistfully thinking back to the amazing summer weather we had this year in the United Kingdom, or even to your holiday abroad.

But these feelings of longing can be kept at bay with the help of Novel Idea Online. Here at Novel Idea Online we offer a wide selection of geographically precise world globes, perfect for any number of purposes. With one of our many globes, there’s no longer any need to yearn for foreign adventure and reminisce about the fantastic weather elsewhere in the world; you can already begin your search for your next holiday destination, whilst planning how best to avoid this year’s Beast from the East.

However, if escaping abroad is out of your price range there’s no need to worry either. Almost all of our entire collection of geographically precise world globes contains a warm LED light to illuminate all reaches of the globe… as well as your house. This warm lighting will help turn your globe into a comforting beacon during the colder months of the year, turning wherever you choose to display it into a refuge from the chilly weather outside.

National Geographic Globes

Novel Idea Online stock a broad range of National Geographic Globes. National Geographic Globes are manufactured and produced using a combination of sleek design, attention to the rich details of our planet and an expert focus on up-to-date and precise cartography.  All National Geographic Globes are researched by the National Geographic Cartography Team and National Geographic Editors who ensure a strict adherence to precision and accuracy. Since 1915, when National Geographic Maps was established, it has published numerous different wall maps, travel maps, atlases, globes and even modern digital products all with the intention of inspiring people to take an interest in our planet and the environment around them. We at Novel Idea Online intend to aid the National Geographic Society in this pursuit and accordingly offer competitive pricing on our full range of exceptionally high-quality National Geographic Globes. Some of our best-selling National Geographic Globes include: The National Geographic Illuminated Antique Executive Globe (30cm), The National Geographic Illuminated Classic Globe (25cm )and The National Geographic Illuminated Mars Globe (30cm).

Atmosphere Globes

Atmosphere Globes are manufactured using state of the art technology, combining a modern visual aesthetic with up-to-date cartography.  In the words of the talented design team, who’s aim it is to enhance and revolutionize the way we view our plant, we ‘…want our globes to shine out as brightly as the earth does among the stars.’ Some of our best-selling Atmosphere Globes include: The Atmosphere Illuminated Bright Coral Globe (30cm), The Atmosphere Illuminated Bright Chrome Globe (30cm) and The Atmosphere Illuminated Bright Azure Globe (30cm).

Nova Rico Globes

Nova Rico are one of the oldest globe manufacturers on the planet, having produced high-quality precision globes for over half a century. Beginning in 1955, Nova Rico has designed, produced and manufactured ornamental, educational and antique globes from their family run factory in Florence, Italy. Many in the industry consider Nova Rico pioneers in the production of precision and ornamental world globes. Novel Idea Online offer highly competitive pricing on our full range of Nova Rico Globes. Some of our best-sellers include: The Nova Rico Illuminated Marco Polo Relief Globe with Magnifying Glass (30cm), The Nova Rico, Illuminated Colombo Globe (30cm) and The Nova Rico Arca Illuminated Children’s Globe (25cm).

Novel Idea Online have you covered however you want to see the world. Whether you require an accurate representation of the globe for educational purposes, to plan your next holiday or even as a fantastic lamp alternative, Novel Idea Online is here to help this winter.

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