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For many students and teachers across the United Kingdom, the start of this week signaled the beginning of the Autumn Term, and the beginning of a brand-new school year. Novel Idea Online is here to help both students and teachers transition back into the school routine this year, with our broad selection of Back to School items. 

Novel Idea Online recently published an article that focused upon the benefits of using Stamps in the classroom, focusing particularly on how they can motivate and encourage students to succeed. Motivational Teacher Stamps Achieve this by bringing both clarity and fun into the giving and receiving of educational feedback. As Teacher Reward Stamps are considered by many to be an integral 21st century teaching aid, our broad selection of teachers stamps, and stampers, is constantly being updated to keep the giving and receiving of educational feedback fresh. So why not pick up some Teacher Stamps this term and see how effective their implementation is in the success of your students?

However Novel Idea Online offers far more than just Motivational Teacher Stamps to help students and teachers get back to school this Autumn term. Homework and revision can often be one of the biggest obstacles in the way of a student's success, finding a way to inspire and motivate children at home is a challenge for even the best parents. So why not make homework and revision a breeze with the Schoolmate Desktop Whiteboard? This Whiteboard is perfect for revision exercises before and after school. On top of this Artline’s range of colourful Whiteboard Marker Pens are a perfect supporting purchase, adding both fun and colour back into your child’s home studies.

Education is full of ups and downs as students can sometimes struggle to grasp new or difficult concepts. One subject that a lot of students seem to struggle with initially is Geography. Accordingly, Novel Idea Online stock a wide selection of World Globes to help your young ones, or students, come to grips with the geography and topography of our planet. Novel Idea Online stock Globes in a broad range of sizes and colours, all of which are well suited to classroom and home environments.

An important focal point of any classroom is the display aid on which a teacher or educator writes. We therefore offer a wide selection of Whiteboards to suit all classroom sizes and requirements. Make sure to consider a board that is large enough to be seen from the back of your classroom, it’s important not to assume that all children can see the board as they can often be too shy to notify you if there’s an issue. It’s therefore important to be proactive and make sure your presentation device is suitable for the size of your class and classroom. Our selection of presentation devices also includes a number of dry-wipe movable easels, allowing teachers to utilize a presentation device in multiple locations. If this seems like a brilliant and engaging way to teach this term make sure to pick one up, just make sure you don’t forget to stock up on easel paper

Finally, it’s important to make sure your staff and pupils know what's going on this Autumn term. With one of Novel Idea Online's Cork or Felt Noticeboards, posting notices and organizing events has never been easier. Our selection of Noticeboards are attractive, stylish and suitable for any number of workplace environments, they will undoubtedly will help keep your school or classroom running efficiently this Autumn term.

You should now be well equipped with a large number of exciting changes you could adopt this term to help your pupils achieve the best possible grades. Make sure nothing stands between your students and the top grades this Autumn Term, with the help of Novel Idea Online.

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