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With the end of the Summer Holidays rapidly approaching (BOO!), it’s time to start thinking about the beginning of the Autumn Term. The Autumn Term isn’t just expensive new school uniforms, conkers and tears - for many students the beginning of the Autumn Term, and the start of the new school year, represents a fresh opportunity to make the changes necessary to succeed. At the same time, it also presents teachers with an opportunity to adjust their teaching strategies and try out new educational techniques and practices. One of these new educational practices could be the use of Teacher Stamps and Motivational Stamps in the classroom.

Recent research has proven that feedback, and understanding this feedback, is pivotal as to whether students are able to learn from their mistakes and make consistent progress in the classroom. A quick google of the importance of understanding feedback in education will return many articles and studies that have come to clear conclusions regarding the importance of feedback in academic progression. Accordingly, one-way students can come to grips with understanding feedback is through the use of Stamps and Stampers. Clear Stamp Imprints allow students to quickly assess what they did successfully, as well as where to improve and how to improve, all key factors in whether a student improves their academic performance. Consequently, Novel Idea Online stock an enormous range of Teacher Stamps and Motivational Stamps that are specifically designed with the intention of aiding teachers in giving effective and tailored feedback.

Stamps, Stampers and Imprinters are also great teaching and educational aids because they can make learning more engaging, fun and rewarding. Many of the stamps stocked by Novel Idea Online imprint fun and colourful images that are exciting to look at and rewarding to receive. If a student is continually given rewarding visual stimulation, it’s likely they will replicate this behaviour if it’s positively reinforced using rewards such as stamps. Colop’s School Stamper Selection offers a large selection of multi-coloured, well designed and visually engaging stamps to reward your students’ hard work with!

Using a Motivational or Educational Stamp or Stamper isn’t just a fantastic teaching aid, it’s also economically and environmentally more sustainable than using Biro’s. Novel Idea Online stock only the most cost-efficient stamps, stamps that provide thousands of imprints before needing to be refilled. Accordingly, using a stamp saves money that would be spent on disposable Biro’s as well as reducing environmental wastage at the same time. The majority of our stocked stamps can be used alongside ink refills which allow a broad range of fantastic colours as well as a clean environmental conscience. 

On top of these benefits, using a Stamper to imprint important information is also an efficient time saving tool for teachers. Using a Stamp allows teachers to quickly highlight an area of improvement, and additional comments can often be snugly written next to the stamp, allowing quick and easy understanding of feedback. Many of the stamps stocked by Novel Idea Online even have space for teachers to write additional comments next to the imprint, such as Trodat’s – ‘What Went Well:’, ‘Even Better If:’ and ‘Next Steps:’ Stamp. Stamps such as these can most definitely help reduce teacher stress and workload, whilst at the same time helping to improve your organization and feedback formatting.

Making feedback engaging, exciting and easy to understand is pivotal in helping your students to succeed in their studies. So although you might be upset that your long, hot Summer Holiday is coming to an end…there’s plenty to look forward to this Autumn Term with the help of Novel Idea Online.

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